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Pirelli, the sole supplier to Formula 1, also places a huge focus on GT – or grand touring – championships all over the world.

This is because GT racing involves the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers, using competition-prepared examples of supercars closely related to their equivalents on sale in showrooms. Never have the parallels between road and track been closer.

Most of these models use Pirelli tyres as original equipment on the road, with the Italian firm taking a significant share of the global market in the premium and prestige sectors.

The name of these ultra high performance road car tyres – P Zero – is the same as that of the competition tyres, underlining the fact that motorsport is hardwired into Pirelli’s DNA. Much of the same technology is used in both road and competition tyres, which is what makes Pirelli the preferred choice of supercar and hypercar manufacturers.

The GT Cup is one of many GT competitions supported by Pirelli, using a variety of the world’s most desirable cars. In total, there are more than 220 car championships where Pirelli is present: featuring both sprint and endurance racing.

The product supplied by Pirelli for GT racing is the P Zero slick. This year there’s a new GT3 and GT4 specification called DHF. This is extremely versatile despite the diverse requirements of all the different circuits, race distances, manufacturers and vehicle architectures involved.

For wet conditions, there is also a grooved tyre with a tread specifically designed to evacuate water in the most efficient way possible.

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